Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"Trespassers Will be Baptized" by Elizabeth Emerson Hancock
(from inside flap)
Growing up Southern and Baptist in eastern Kentucky, Elizabeth Hancock lived in a world that revolved around church, foreign missions projects, revival meetings, and of course, the Kentucky Wildcats.
In Trespassers Will be Baptized, Hancock draws us into her riotous tales of childhood misadventures, recounting her and her sister Meg's mischievous--if harmless--abuses of pastoral power: stealing Guess jeans from the Africa donation box or hawking backyard swimming pool baptisms during the neighborhood's annual yard sale.
As Hancock lovingly recalls the wisdom imparted by her long-suffering parents as they ministered to their unruly flock, she introduces us to the quirky and unforgettable denizens of her small-town Kentucky youth. There's Aunt Vaney and the hundreds of Christmas cards that decorated her living room, next-door-neighbor Mary Anna and her mysterious Catholic ways, and Ginny and Geneva Gordon, twin ex-debutante Little Lambs Sunday school teachers.
Whether or not you spent time learning Bible verses from felt boards or making Noah's arks from Popsicle sticks, you will fall in love with this magical coming-of-age story and fascinating slice of Southern culture.

MY THOUGHTS: This is a very good book! It at times is hilarious and funny. Other times it makes you cry. If you have been to church as a child, this book will bring back lots of memories of that time. From the time Elizabeth and her sister Meg were little they had been the daughters of the Baptist Preacher. This book is about their life, the good and the bad, that happened to them as children.