Saturday, January 9, 2010

Challenge Rules

So, i thought clarification about the rules of this challenge would be useful. Remember these are just guidelines so you can play around with the challenge yourself.

So here are some guidelines:

#1 Pick approx. 100 books which you have always meant to read but haven't gotten round to yet, books you've bought that are still sitting on the book case or those 'good intentions' educate thyself books which your old teacher recommended to you ages ago. Make up the list. Then email me at for an invite. Then post your list (please check out posting guidelines before you do)

#2Give yourself 25% lee way for your list, in other words if you complete 75% or more of your list, then you've definitely succeeded in this challenge!

#3 Allow five years to complete the challenge. Starting from when you post your list up here on the blog

#4 These rules are 'guidelines' if you want to read 20 books in 2 years or 2 books in 20years - please feel free. This challenge is about self-improvement, the only prize at the end of the challenge is knowing you've completed it (and made some nice friends during its progress). So feel free to mix it up if you want.

Hope this has helped, if you have any more questions/queries, email me

Toodles Emily