Saturday, January 9, 2010

Posting Guidelines

Some simple guidelines for this blog (so things can be kept orderly etc.)

#1 In your first post on this blog (which will more than likely be your 100 list) - Please in the label/tag section of your post - put your NAME only. This sets up a topic/catelogue for all your future posts. You don't have to put 100 list etc. just your name.

For eg. click on image

#2 After you post your 100booklist, you will probably post updates/progress reports and book reviews etc. If you have book review, about the book that you're discussing here, thats on another site, you can link it if you like. Its nice though to discuss your thoughts on the blog here, and then link to your review.

#3 Once you've started posting, please always stick your NAME in the label box, the *author, *nameofthebooks, and then if you like year of publication, and thoughts on the book.

For eg. click the image

#4 Remember to have fun :)


Crystal Posey said...

Liking the new look Emily. I love having all the book covers in the column!

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Crystal - still have alot more to do with the covers and authors but am going to do some this week :) aw procrastination lol