Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

I'm a big fan of vampires. Yes even before Twilight and the current glut of vampire books. But I'd never read Interview With The Vampire. Perhaps it was the hype, perhaps it was the fact I'd read countless other vampire books but Interview With The Vampire wasn't my favorite.
Louis tells the story of how he became a vampire, his time spent with Lestat, how they found Claudia, and how Louis and Claudia learned about other vampires. Since Louis is telling his story after it's all happened, he's able to add details and explain how things turned out. I kind of wish that after he started telling the story we were transported back to where Louis' story began. For me the story dragged. I couldn't get into Louis' story. I didn't care about any of the characters that much.
Overall I was unimpressed with Interview With The Vampire. It'll take a lot for me to continue with The Vampire Chronicles series.


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Petra @ Safari Poet said...

I've always thought about reading this because I've heard good things about Anne Rice. Sorry you didn't enjoy it enough to continue the series.

Book Sake said...

I've read most of the series...I forget when I stopped, but I started to get bored with it. However, my favorite one was Memnoch the Devil. It was just such a great story that was more about God and the Devil than the vampires. It's actually the only one in the series that I still own!
- Jessica @ Book Sake

Donna K. Weaver said...

I haven't read this series, though I have a son who loves it. Now I'm not sure I will. lol