Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update + Review

La la la la la. I just realized that I have 13 months before my 5 years are up. And I've read 14 books (ok, 14.5, but that .5 is Atlas Shrugged, so that should count for like, 6 or something). So, we all know what I'll be doing in the next 13 months, right? BUT! When I was looking at my list to see what I had left to read, I saw a book that I had actually already read! So, Midnight on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie I was most excited because this was the first Kindle book that I checked out from the library, on the day that OverDrive became Kindle compatible. My full review is here, but here's the relevant bit: I like the twist on the contained environment, but you don't get a sense of the claustrophobia that must have been there-- train cars stuck in snow with murder? There should have been more tension, but that's not Christie's style. What I find most ingenious about Christie's work isn't how her detectives solve the crimes but rather in ingenuity of her criminals. Poirot just kinda sits back and thinks through details only he's noticed. But the real genius of Christie is how intricate the murder plots are.


moonrat said...

oh my god, we've really been doing this for 4 years?! this is amazing. i can't believe time goes so fast. but also, i'm proud so many people have stuck with it and are still checking in etc.

go you!

Emily Cross said...

My math must be wrong (I was never good at the auld math) but I think we're only coming up on 3 years now. blog started on 3rd April, 2009.

Am I wrong? I was counting on that extra year (the lovely 2014 which will hopefully be phd free but book rich??) LOL.

I think it's wonderful how many members and how many people have stuck with it :)


Leslie said...

I can't believe so much time has gone by either. I haven't done too well on making a dent in my list, but I'm sticking with it. Maybe I can get an extension? ;-) It's funny how I give in to temptation and wind up reading everything except the books on my list, ha.

Oh, the book! I think this was a review on Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Loved it. Agatha was the master. If you want to read another of hers that is good, but chilling, try Ten Little Indians aka And Then There Were None.