Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Breach by Patrick Lee

Here is quick little review of what I just completed off my list. This is at my blog too, though I altered it slightly for this post.  :)

The Breach by Patrick Lee is absolutely not a book I would normally buy, ever. I'm a romance junky and this is all sci-fi-ish and a total guy book, which means it might as well be a classic that was written before my time. However, Fill-in-the-Gaps is all about me broadening my horizons, so when I saw this awesome cover art and a great title, I bought it. I figured I would make myself read it in the name of my Fill-in-the-Gaps list. 'Make' is not the right word, 'couldn't hardly put it down' would be accurate. I finished Lee's book in five days. I would have finished it faster but I had to force myself to put it down. Lee's believable writing along with my dream world is quite a crazy combination. That's a compliment, if you're wondering.

From the very first sentence Lee's writing had me, and by page five I was in love with his character, Travis Chase. All I wanted to do is wrap Travis up and make him all better.... and I didn't even know what he'd done to get where he was. For all I knew, he deserved his circumstance. I didn't care. I knew right then that I would follow Travis Chase to the ends of the fiction world, and I will. When book two comes out, I'm there. Oh and FYI to the ladies who like a strong female character... Chase teams up with a fantastic, kick-ass female character. White-hot embers. That's all I'll say.

Lee's book is one that proves any reader can be won over; any reader can be dragged across the line they've drawn, into areas they have always disliked.

I'm going to go off and pray that my grammar hasn't send any of you over the edge while all of you go buy this book. See you reading pals later   :^)

EDIT: I completely forgot about this. My twitter friend @Susan_Adrian is holding a contest at her blog on this book. If you want to try and win it, go here.