Monday, April 5, 2010

Linda P-Justine by The Marquis De Sade

Since my library did not have Justine, I choose to read 3 of de Sade's works instead-The Gothic Tales of The Marquis De Sade, Philosophy of the Boudoir, and The Selected Writings of The Marquis de Sade. Justine was included in The Selected Writings of The Marquis de Sade but that book was annotated.
I think I must have the found the most boring stories written by the Marquis de Sade. The only stories I liked were "The Dying Man and The Priest" and "The Horse-Chestnut Flower". Sure there was sex but it wasn't as lurid as I had thought it would be. Glad to have another book off my list.


Emily Cross said...

Well done Linda, you're flying through the books!!

Oh i must cop on and stop rereading Jane Austen lol