Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Linda P Review-The Beach House by Jane Green

I've read many of Jane Green's other chit lit novels. Jemima J is my favorite of those.  The Beach House is women's lit cause many of the characters are married or divorced or older than 50. I liked The Beach House cause the characters seemed like friends or people I know. Each character was familiar, the divorced mom with the out of control teen, the widow who was facing tight times, a man who realizes he's gay, or the man who is still searching for love. I liked the male characters-Daniel and Micheal especially. Both tender and kind, everything women hope for :)
I did not like the bouncing around Green did with the narrative. The voice skipped around from character to character and occasionally, to an omnipotent voice. I prefer sticking with character at a time and hearing things from their perspective than the round robin.
After about 100 pages I saw where the characters were heading which was ok. I liked the comfortable feeling, of a story you knew.  But then towards the end it got a little soap opera-y (a pregnancy, a long lost relative). But all in all a good beach read.


Ee Leen Lee said...

I like Jane Green in general, this was a great review