Saturday, May 8, 2010

Housekeeping, Need your opinion!

Hey all,

I'm not very technical minded so bear with the following poll. Many of you may have noticed that FITG is being spammed through comments section so I'm thinking of having comment moderation.

Which is a complete pain in the arse to be honest, as I prefer things to be 'flowy' rather than moderated. . .

So, I'm putting it to a vote because this is a community if you'd like to keep it as is so conversation can flow etc or have me moderate comments to stop the spam.

Should the posts be moderated for spam?


Kelly A. Harmon said...

Hi could try moderating and see how much trouble it is. I use WordPress and moderate my personal blog...but once I approve someone, they're ok'd to comment forever after. Maybe blogger has a similar feature?

Goedi said...

I figure if it's a pain in your behind, don't do it. I've not been bothered by the few spam comments that have shown up and I feel you do plenty for this site already.