Monday, September 27, 2010

The Woman in White ~ Wilkie Collins (audio)

I am quite behind on reading and posting my reviews. This review was published on my blog a couple of months ago:


About the book:    Set near London around the mid-1800’s, an artist is traveling to his latest work assignment. On his way he sees a disturbing woman in white on the highway. He attempts to help her but is mystified when she disappears. Her connection with his life becomes apparent over time after he arrives at his destination. There he falls in love with one of the nieces of the household owner. She however is to be married shortly to a man who appears less than genial, creating conflict and angst. Things become convoluted as the plot is conveyed by different individuals that are involved in the happenings in this tale of deceit, murder, and apparent madness.

My Thoughts:    I did not realize that this edition was abridged until after finishing it, and perhaps would not have chosen this version if I had realized. I really enjoy listening to classics when exercising since they are often difficult for me to focus on when actually reading.

This audio version was lovely nonetheless. The narration was excellent - done by various speakers that had the gender, age, and class accents appropriate to the teller of each section; and they were of course done with wonderful English accents.

I was out of breath and shocked at some of the scenes, thought about the book between listens, and I did not guess what was going to happen next which is always a good sign. I also did not feel that the book was edited.

Audio Book Data:

  • Publisher: Naxos AudioBooks; Abridged edition (April 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9626348631
  • Genre: Classic Mystery

Challenge Update: I will be posting an updated list in the next few weeks;  have abandoned Pride and Prejudice (sorry Jane); finished Dracula (actually a year ago) but have not put a review together yet. I am hoping to include a few pictures from Whitby – we took when visiting a few years ago. Also I am in the process of listening to Lolita, which is incredible!  If it weren’t for this challenge I probably would have given it a miss.

I better get “crackin” here or I will be reading 3 books a month to complete this challenge. *sign*