Wednesday, June 8, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: What do you do with all your broken things? Throw them away? Do you ever wonder what happens to them? Beware, they may go somewhere else and become a city. This what Un Lun Dun is all about. Imagination, at it's best. Umbrella's are Unbrella's. Milk cartons are pets. Old cars, windows and just about anything you can think of can become something. Where does this happen? In UnLondon of course. And UnLondon is being talked by Smog Monster. There is only one person or maybe two who can save UnLondon. Zanna and Deeba find out what's going on in UnLondon but there are people there who doesn't want Zanna and Deeba there. They send Zanna and Deeba back to London. Zanna's memory of UnLondon is wiped clean but Deeba still remembers and she finds her way back to UnLondon to help. They have to find the UnGun to help the city. They have to get it away from WebMinister Abby and the WebWindows. They then have to figure out how it works. Does Debba save the city? Who'll have to read the book to find out. Really great book. Full of all kinds of adventure and imagination. You can see my full review at my place, Just Books.


Kelly A. Harmon said...

This book is on my summer reading list (yep, I've separated the TBR pile into seasons...).

You're review makes it sound very interesting...I can't wait to dive into this one.