Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Digital Library Consortium, Anyone?

Hi All!

I've 'read' several books lately, mostly because I found my state library's "consortium" which is a different bird than our state library system. It's the "go to" place for all things electronic: audio, video and ebook. They have items in their system that I'm unable to obtain at my local library - and all it takes to borrow is my current library card!

Thus, I've been able to obtain several classics on audio (and many new books, too!) which I've been able to enjoy during my 2+ hour daily commute.

I'm in Maryland, but perhaps other states have them as well? Just thought I'd pass on the tip.

Is everyone gearing up their summer reading? I'm finding that I'm re-ordering my "next to read" list based on the season and where I might be when I'm reading. Does anyone else do that?