Monday, November 30, 2009


I can't believe it!! After 11 weeks of reading I've finally finished Gravity's Rainbow!!

In case anyone was wondering why I hadn't logged in in so long... that's why. And now it's OVER!

I only understood about... 13%. On good days. But I made it to the END.

If anyone has this yet to do on their list, I would strongly recommend reading it with a group. This was one of those situations where NO one understood the whole thing, but since everyone understood different pieces, a conversation was not only interesting but helpful.

I've now finished 19 out of 100 titles. Considering 2009 is almost over, I think I'll be very, very pleased with myself if I finish a 20th by December 31st. That will be a fifth of the list finished in the first of five calendar years! Something about that really appeals to the Type A in me.

Now off to celebrate with some (decidedly non-gaps) epic fantasy rereads.


Vasilly said...

OMG! Congratulations! I'm glad it's not on my list. 11 weeks?!? That's dedication. :)

moonrat said...

dude, it was a trek. but seriously, after struggling through that book i don't think there's any book i CAN'T read (you know, if i just have the time and fortitude and don't mind if i don't get what's going on!). heck, i feel like i could get through a whole novel in German! (and no, i don't speak German.)

Amanda said...

Congrats! I can't take 11 weeks to finish a book. When one takes me a long time like that, after two weeks I end up devoting all my time to it, plowing through to the end. (Hence finishing Ada in 3 weeks after a decade of trying)

moonrat said...

i know what you mean. but this WAS planned. 70 pages were "due" each Monday (the book is 776 pages). basically my brain was so tired from reading that in between i've been reading very fluffy epic fantasy--didn't have space for anything else.

Amanda said...

Yeah, even in planning though I go completely OCD and have to race to the end in the third week. I'm completely nuts sometimes.

Emily Cross said...

Oh lordy. Ok definitely one not to put on my TBR pile.

Congrats though!! You're braver than me!