Monday, November 16, 2009

Review-A Year In The Merde By Stephen Clarke

I actually remember seeing Clarke's second book (Love in the Merde) on bookshelves and thinking it was a funny title. I choose to read this one first since it's the first book.
The story follows Paul West as he moves to Paris for work and deals with Parisians as an Englishman. I loved how it started as a fish out of water and became how he wound up becoming an expat. He notes lots of differences between Brits and Parisians. But since I'm not an expert on either, I needed a British to American cultural explanation.  I muddled my way through and I think I figured most of it out.
I think my favorite part was when Paul attempts to buy a house in the French countryside. It sounded so romantic and lovely, but he was being played the fool by his boss.
It was a great book. Great read and shows a different side of France than I've read before.