Saturday, January 2, 2010

Linda P Review-Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

The tale chronicles a Confederate army deserter's search for home and love in the last days of the Civil War.
Much has been made of the story's homage to The Odyssey, the origins of which are found in an oral tradition. One can't help but hear echoes of Homer when listening to Frazier's soft, deliberate voice give life to his lyrical writing and to his understated, yet convincing rendering of the overwhelming events of war. Both Frazier's prose and reading are leisurely, recalling a slow foot pace. His delivery is uniquely suited to Innman's arduous, adventure-filled walk toward home and to the possibility of a reunion with Ada, the woman he loves. The author's reading does equal justice to Ada, who is being transformed by her struggle for survival on her father's farm. There is precious little dialogue, and Frazier makes no effort at acting out the characters.

I choose to read Cold Mountain because I enjoyed the movie so much. Since I read the book after seeing the movie, I'm comparing the two. The movie follows the movie very closely. Some changes but follows the book pretty faithfully.
Frazier's prose is beautiful. He describes wonderful encounters (like when Ada says goodbye to Inman before the war) and sad events (Sara's encounter with the Federals) with the same loving tone. I got sucked into the world of Cold Mountain quickly and enjoyed my stay.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful comparisons here. I've never read The Odyssey so fear my review will pale compared to yours.

I love beautiful prose. Can't wait to read this one. (It's on my list.)

Corra :)

hifidel said...

I haven't read Cold Mountain, but you've made me want to now!


Suzette Saxton said...

Thanks for this review. I've been wanting to read this book.