Saturday, January 9, 2010

House Keeping Update

Ok i've the 100 list done (please check to see if your name/list is there). I may have missed one/two so let me know via comment or email - Thanks :)

Currently snowed in at home so i'm going to be working on this blog today, so if you have any bookreview blogs you want to add (you have to be FITG member) or link to your blog (members blogroll) then leave a comment here or email me.

I'm going to be posting a 'rules' post and a 'how to post' post too, i've gotten a few emails about what the challenge is all about etc. so i thought with this new template it would be handier to have links on the nav bar.

Toodles for now



Bree said...

Nice job! You've done a lot of work.

Emily Cross said...
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Emily Cross said...

aw yeah took me long enough though to actually get round to doing it lol. Meant to have this done ages ago.

Guess snow is good for something lol

moonrat said...

fantastic!! look at you go!!

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

I understand its really cold in UK. We are off to visit family in a few weeks soon. Stay warm!

I love the tabs and want some for my blog. But hey one step at a time. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, Emily!

No rush, but when you get a chance, can you add me to the blogroll for members' blogs?:

Thanks!! :)

Emily Cross said...

Corra - done :)

Thanks everyone for nice comments!

Shellie - We're not as bad as the UK (yet) but we've had -15 temperatures (which haven't happened since late 1800s). Basically the country has shut down. LoL.

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Emily -
Could you also add me into the link list as well.

Stay warm - the kids in England are saying its 14 degrees below freezing at times.

I am going to freeze my bottom dollar off over there in a few weeks - being a California Native and a current Arizona desert resident now. Perhaps it will warm up?

Briony said...

Awesome work Emily!

Its the complete opposite down here - it's been 36 degrees the last few days and its going to be 41 tomorrow. Too hot to think!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily!! :)

J.C. Montgomery said...

Wow...looks great. I love the new format.

I am listed, but since I joined, I've become self-hosted.

I (J.C. Montgomery) can now be found at

You are doing an amazing job! Thank you so much.