Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hi everyone,

Just a small update, in the next few days i'm going to be playing around with the template on the blog (just in case you click on here and get a shock) - AND i'll finally start seriously updating the 100list etc. and other things that i've been neglecting lately (sorry!).

Remember if you want to be included on the members blogroll (on the sidebar) - email me at with your name and blog link

On other news . . .

We have over 70 authors now (71 to be exact)! YaY!

And Corra (a recent member) has given the blog an award - the One Lovely Blog Award! So thanks Corra for that :)

According to the rules, we've to link back to Corra (done!), then pass the award on to ten blogs we've recently discovered, letting them each know we chose them.

Well this is a community blog so i think that it might be nice if people wanted to leave a comment about a blog they've recently discovered and liked? and if they wanted - they could contact said blog etc.

Might be a nice way of getting to know some other bloggers too

Now back to our usual programming :)


moonrat said...

CHIC NEW LOOK!! i love it!!! thanks for all your work :)

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Moonrat, glad you like.

The banner is just temporary, going to try and make something sex neutral, you know as this is a equal opportunities blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, love the new look too!! One lovely blog is right!

So proud to be a member here, Emily et al. ;)

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Yes - I like this!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Emily Cross said...

Glad people like it :)

Corra: the blogroll/100list is for everyone, i'm just slow as a wet week - but hopefully have everyones up there soon :)