Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eternal by Cynthia L Smith

I added Eternal to my Fill In The Gaps after getting it from the library a few times but failing to read it before it had to be back. I didn't want to forget to read it. I also had to keep taking it back because this is the second in the Tantalize series. I finally read the first book, Tantalize (see my thoughts here) so i could read Eternal.
I wasn't crazy about Tantalize but I enjoyed Eternal more. I was also disappointed that I probably could have read Eternal without reading Tantalize. It says the action takes part in the same world but there's no story or character overlap. I heard there is in the third book, Blessed.
Eternal is the story of Miranda and Zachary, her guardian angel. Ok, I love Zachary. Who wouldn't love a hunky angel following them around. But Zachary is funny, sweet and really cares about Miranda. He's everything you want in YA male lead. Miranda starts off kind of weak but grows as the book goes on. I enjoyed the themes of this one more too. Good vs evil. Heaven vs hell. Reminded me of a Supernatural episode (love that show!).
Eternal is certainly not a meaty book but it is a light fun read. I enjoyed the banter. There was plenty of humor in this one. As well as romance. Great second book in the series, left me wanting more.