Saturday, July 11, 2009


So i thought i'd make a little note to say i've changed two books on my list. I've replaced two summer reads (which i'll read anyway) with two irish language books. One an irish translation of Harry Potter agus an órchloch (philosopher's stone). I've never read any of HP books - don't ask me why, but i did buy this book when i say it in my local bookshop because it was in irish. The other book, i haven't decided on yet.

The fact is i haven't done irish in over 4 years and well, i wasn't great at it to begin with (although its meant to be our 'national language') so i know this will probably take me 5 years to even get past the first chapter.

Anyhoo, this change came about because i was inspired by people tackling different language books! So i decided to suck it up and face my phobia of irish! lol.


moonrat said...

you go, girl!!!! wow, irish! good luck. my philosophy is just to keep plowing through in case you don't understand.

i own the first HP in a couple languages, none of which i read well enough to REALLY get everything. and the one little blip is that rowling made up so many words/concepts that you might comes across words you don't understand....that then don't exist in your dictionary. but it's GREAT that you're trying it this way--honestly the first HP in english is a little boring, since the reading level is so much lower than any of the following books.