Monday, July 13, 2009

Linda P Review-*Little Bee-*Chris Cleave

What I can say about a book, that on its inside flap, implored the reader not to divulge the story? Not to share with friends what the story was about so that each reader would come to it fresh and hopeful? I'll try not to give anything away.
First the writing is lyrical like a song being sung to you. The story alternates between the two women, Sarah and Little Bee. Each with her own voice, full of pain, hope, and fear. Each struggling to make it.
This is a story about two women who meet under extraordinary circumstances and become unlikely allies. I feel like I lack the ability to really explain it without giving away so much of the meat. Suffice to say, read it. It's a short novel, packed with a lot of story. You may need to put it down to digest but you'll be anxious to pick it up again.


Heather J. said...

I couldn't agree more! I review this on my blog as well, and it will probably be on of my favorite books this year.

Rachel said...

I'm a little intrigued just by your short review here -- but I must say, I find it really irritating when a work of art or entertainment comes with instructions.

Some artists seem to have a huge problem with the idea of subjective criticism, or maybe they have no faith that the unwashed masses can properly understand or interpret their art, or maybe they think that they can control a one-to-one relationship with each consumer of their art after the work is released to the public. To that I say, screw you (artist); if you're afraid to put it out there, then don't put it out there. And if the masses don't get your message by virtue of their own filtered interpretations (e.g., if they don't take the emotional journey you think you're portraying in your book, unless they start at a certain common emotional high point), then maybe there's a problem with your message.

Just one of my pet peeves!

Linda said...


Many people choose to ignore Cleave's request and many people have fully reviewed Little Bee, giving away a lot of the story. I choose not to because I felt that not knowing enhanced my reading. I didn't know the story and brought no preconceived notions to my reading. I enjoyed learning the story as it unraveled. If you are intrigued, there is a good review on Amazon's website that gives a greater picture of the story.

Rachel said...

Oh, my (admittedly crabby -- and it's only Tuesday) comment wasn't directed at you or your review, please know that! Review away, however you like. I just take issue with the inclusion of that instruction by the author. (Or was it put there by the publisher's marketing department? If so, then it's a whole separate issue deserving of a different kind of scorn -- and I say that as someone who works in marketing for a publisher! Ha.)

Staci said...

I loved your thoughts on this one. Frankly, I don't want to know to much about a book but rather how it made you, the reader, feel. You did this wonderfully!! I can't wait to experience this one on my own!!