Monday, July 27, 2009

Progress Report

My progress: terrible!

As I've mentioned, I started Anna Karenina. I couldn't finish the darned thing! It has been my intention to power through a bunch of the books on the list, but the closest I've gotten is 3/4 of the way through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

In my defence, I am writing a book of my own. I recently finished the 3rd draft and it is out being critiqued at the moment. I just got some feedback about it, and I was given a stack of books to read to illustrate my critiquer's points - none of which are on my list! They are classics - William Burroughs, Girl, Interupted and so on. But, not on the list! So, I am reading, I'm just not reading the right books.

Thank god we have so many years to get it done. Though, I can see myself trying to fit 90% of my list into the last year!


Weronika said...

Anna Karenina remains one of the books that I want to pick up and plow through before September. I hope I get the chance!

As for the busy times with your work, don't worry -- I'm sure most of us understand how difficult it is to juggle everything alongside rewrites and critiques.

I simply wish you the best as you get through these obstacles, however large or small they may be.


moonrat said...

don't worry!! this is why we gave ourselves 5 years :)

do you have any nice, short books on your list you can plow through to boost your confidence/tally?

Emily Cross said...

Weronika - i've only read two books so far!! Can;t wait for friday!

I've so many lovely books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read!

00 Pisces said...

How is Karenina pronounced, anyway? Kara-nina? KuhRenInUh? I am partial to Karen-ina, who knows why . . .


Anonymous said...

don't worry!! this is why we gave ourselves 5 years :)

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