Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review *Orson Scott Card* *Ender's Game*

I like science fiction. I remember reading Anne McCaffery and as I got older looking for books by authors who weren't as well known. Shame on me for not putting Ender's Game on the top of my list years and years ago.

What is unique to me is that this book poses the question, "What if the fate of the earth was in the hands of children?" The story is very easy to fall into. The chapters were like small stories unto themselves, beginning with a question or problem, and having it resolved by the end of the chapter.

What I hadn't expected was Ender's age. There wasn't a time when I didn't feel empathy for Ender. The secondary characters were marvelous to read about. It was great to see varying viewpoints and see it all come together and play like overlapping parts in a symphony. The ending isn't just satisfactory, it's absolutely perfect. There are two twists in the book, neither of which I'll tell you. What I will say is that these revelations were brilliant moves by the author.

Would I recommend this book? I'll do one better. I'd purchase it for anyone who enjoys reading and be sure they'd like the story. In fact, now that I've read the first one, I plan to go out and buy the entire series.

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Kelly A. Harmon said...

I'm an avid sf reader, and Ender's Game is one of my absolute's truly brilliant. But the series (IMHO) goes down hill from there. I'd be interested in hearing from you again after you read Xenocide...