Thursday, January 27, 2011

EAST OF EDEN read-along

Hi Everybody!

So recently many of us mentioned interest in an EAST OF EDEN read-along starting in February. Hope everyone who wants feels invited to join.

Here's a guideline schedule, which I've created operating under the previously agreed assumption that most people can manage to read about 80 pages a week (on a good week). Please feel free to read ahead or fall behind; these are just to help.

Tuesday, February 1: Kick-off! (Perhaps a meditation on Nobel Prize-winner John Steinbeck and our previous associations/experiences with him?)
Tuesday, February 8: pages 1-80
Tuesday, February 15: pages 81-160
Tuesday, February 22: pages 161-240
Tuesday, March 1: pages 241-320
Tuesday, March 8: pages 321-400
Tuesday, March 15: pages 401-480, and perhaps a pre-St Paddy's Day and/or pagan shindig (just thinking out loud here; don't you guys feel like we'll need a mid-book reward?)
Tuesday, March 22: pages 480-540
Tuesday, March 29: pages 540-end, fabulous catharsis of relief and accomplishment

I got my copy of the book last week, and am looking forward to a group read! I haven't done one since 2009, with a very helpful and fun (for me, at least) Gravity's Rainbow read-along. So thanks, everybody who has already spurred me along. I appreciate it! I hope you're excited too.


Bree said...

So excited for read-along. Posted about it here.

J.C. Montgomery said...

I'll be in the midst of moving, but I'll be sure to keep EoE out of the boxes. In fact, uhm, yeah, where is that little bugger now that I think about it?

Will be sure to post about it too. Thanks for the heads up!

Vasilly said...

Count me in! I'll start reading it in March. It's one of my favorite books of all-time. I hope everyone enjoys it.