Friday, May 22, 2009

Amy's Update: *Dark Fire, *Sovereign


I think I'm officially the tortoise of this project. Is anyone else as slow as I am?

I can cross two books off my list: C.J. Sansom's Dark Fire and Sovereign, the second and third books in his historical mystery series set in Henry VIII's England.

Fascinating setting.

Intriguing plots.

Lots of blood and murder.

There is a longer review here.

Next up: The Three Musketeers


iasa said...

Don't fret it is a five year project after all. That series sounds interesting, I will have to try the first one.

freddie said...

I'm only on my second book. And like iasa says, this is a five year project.

Laza said...

omg I totally pictured a little tortoise reading a book. cute overload!

PurpleClover said...

I'm on my second book. The first was a short story. Don't worry.

The ones that have already marked off like...NINE books or so (not naming names) are like...speed readers or something. It's like reading is part of their job or something. :P~~~~

Don't feel bad. :D