Monday, April 27, 2009

Excel Spreadsheet

Is anyone else obsessed with Excel spreadsheets? I make them for just about anything. So of course, I have made one to keep my progress with my 100 books up to date. Here's a link to it, in case you want to use it yourself:

Fill in the Gaps Project Excel Spreadsheet

It updates automatically, so it's really easy. Plus, it's kinda pretty ;)



Nancy said...

Wow, Jenna what a nice spreadsheet. Good work!

Anonymous said...

What do you put in the read column to make it count the book.

Jen C said...

You use a couple of formulas.

1. a total at the bottom, which is just a SUM of the entire read column.

2. at the top I added that the total number of books was 100

3. the total read was just a copy of the total from the bottom

4. the books remaining is 100 - the total read.

Hope this makes sense! You can see the formulas if you click on the individual cells.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I understand that part but apparently you have to put a check or X or something in the "READ?" column in order for it to populate the Total Read at the top and the bottom. Not sure if that makes sense. If I put a 1 in the read column it puts a 1 at the bottom and so forth but it doesn't add it up at the top. This might just be too confusing to use that column the way it is meant to be. Sorry for the confusion.

Jen C said...

Sorry I though you were asking about the formulas. You should just have to put a 1 next to what you've read in the read column.

Perhaps something got mixed up when it was uploaded, because it updates in the books read / books remaining cells in the original that I have here. If you shoot me your email I can try sending it to you directly, if you want.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I got it. Thanks again for the help!!