Wednesday, April 8, 2009

first book down!

Erm, I wasn't sure if you guys wanted me to cross-post my book reviews here or not. I post on The Zen Leaf. I just finished my first book on my 100 list, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I thought I'd put my progress here and ask what you guys want to do for reviews. Just post progress here? Or post the reviews? If posting progress, how often? With each book, monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc? I'm happy to oblige, either way. Just let me know. :)


J.C. Montgomery said...

What I've done for some projects like this that have a lengthly list, is to create one post that I recycle by changing the posting date whenever I updated the list.

Here is an example

I find this makes it easier to track and not have to write a post every single time I read a book.

What I might do is not post the entire review here as it will be linked on my progress report. However, I may just share a short summary of my thoughts on what I've read.

But this is just me. I would love to see what the others think.

Amanda said...

I'll probably just post my progress here every month or so. Let you all know the titles of what I've read, with links to the reviews over at my blog, and how many I've finished overall. I think that makes the most sense for me.