Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Statistical Update!

I have finished compiling "The List!"

I will post it when I have more time, probably tomorrow. However, I wanted to give a quick update to let everyone know that progress is being made.

This is a raw list with all readers and their choices. Consequently, there are many duplicates of books. If someone listed an author, but no title, I listed "TBD" in the "book" spot. I did the same for those who said, "next five Pulitzers" (or other prize) - so that at least we had numbers to work with.

Unless I've miscalculated, we have 52 lists posted, giving us a potential of 5200 books. The list has 5,137 books listed, for an average of 98.7 designated "reads" per poster.

I reserve the right to update the next statistic because the list needs to be cleaned up (the horrors of cut and paste from HTML into Excel!), but at first sort, the number one book to be read on the list is:

Middlemarch, by George Eliot! Nineteen people have chosen to read it.

The two runners-up on the list are Lolita (Nabakov) and Rebecca (Du Maurier). Sixteen people each want to read these two books.

I had help and many offers of help to compile the list...but their names are trapped in my mailbox. I thank them here...and will list them later when I can get to my mail.

More later!



Moonrat said...


Amanda said...

How interesting. AFter the first 20 lists I compiled, Middlemarch was also first, with 12 entries. We've added 32 lists, and only 7 more entries for MIddlemarch, and yet it's still top! Cool.

I'd be interesting in seeing which authors were mentioned on the most lists.

Anonymous said...

I love lists, I can't wait to see the finished product!

J.C. Montgomery said...

Thanks for making such a superb effort to do this. Kudos to you!!

Emily Cross said...

Brilliant!!! thank you so much for doing this!!! oh this is so exciting :)

I can't believe how far this project has come!!!

Alyssa said...

Wow, how cool! I didn't realize the lists were being compiled!

I hope we'll get together and read some of those other common books a la Middlemay.