Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jennie's List

Here's my list! It's a mix of classics I should have read by now, works by favorite authors, and childrens/teen classics that I should read to be a better librarian. There are also a few books on there that my parents have been trying to get me to read since late elementary school. I'll be blogging everything over at my book blog Biblio File.

1. War and Peace--Tolstoy
2. Sound and the Fury—Faulkner
3. Light in August--Faulkner
4. Absalom! Absalom!--Faulkner
5. For Whom the Bell Tolls--Hemingway
6. Mansfield Park--Austen
7. Northanger Abbey--Austen
8. Lady Susan--Austen
9. The Watsons--Austen
10. Sandition--Austen
11. Fahrenheit 451--Bradbury
12. Brave New World--Huxley
13. Possession--Byatt
14. Oliver Twist--Dickens
15. Tender is the Night--Fitzgerald
16. The Power and the Glory--Greene
17. The End of the Affair--Greene
18. Farewell to Arms--Hemmingway
19. Madame Bovary--Flaubert
20. To Kill a Mockingbird--Lee
21. Main Street--Sinclair
22. One Hundred Years of Solitude—Garcia Marquez
23. The Bluest Eye--Morrison
24. Song of Solomon--Morrison
25. Fire in the Blood--Nemirovsky
26. The Bell Jar--Plat
27. Midnight’s Children--Rushdie
28. Prime of Miss Jean Brodie--Spark
29. Brideshead Revisited--Waugh
30. Fingersmith--Waters
31. Age of Innocence--Wharton
32. Bonfire of the Vanities--Wolfe
33. Mrs. Dalloway--Woolf
34. Cherry Orchard--Checkov
35. Johnny Tremain--Forbes
36. My Brother Sam is Dead--Collier
37. Chocolate War--Collier
38. Speak—Anderson
39. The Chosen--Potok
40. Life of Pi--Martel
41. Watership Down--Adams
42. Julie of the Wolves--George
43. Atlas Shrugged--Rand
44. Morning Girl--Dorris
45. Stone Fox--Gardiner
46. Misty of Chincoteague--Henry
47. Babe—King-Smith
48. Betsy-Tacy--Lovelace
49. Incredible Journey—Burnford
50. Dark is Rising--Cooper
51. Humbug Mountain--Fleischman
52. Rascal--Mowat
53. People Could Fly--Hamilton
54. Island of the Blue Dolphins—O’Dell
55. Cricket in Times Square--Seldon
56. Behind the Attic Wall--Cassedey
57. Out of the Dust--Hesse
58. Screwtape Letters--Lewis
59. My Antonia--Cather
60. David Copperfield—Dickens
61. Three Musketeers--Dumas
62. Jungle Book--Kipling
63. Whale Talk--Crutcher
64. Dream of Red Mansions
65. Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
66. Across Five Aprils--Hunt
67. When I Was Puerto Rican--Santiago
68. Murder on the Orient Express--Christie
69. Stepford Wives--Levin
70. Weetzie Bat--Block
71. Color Purple--Walker
72. Prayer for Owen Meany--Irving
73. Breakfast at Tiffany’s--Capote
74. Snow Falling on Cedars--Guterson
75. Habibi--Nye
76. My Life in France--Child
77. Cider with Rosie--Lee
78. Golden Compass--Pullman
79. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan--See
80. Atonement--McEwan
81. Half of a Yellow Sun--Adichie
82. Interpreter of Maladies--Lahiri
83. Six Records of a Floating Life--Fu
84. Master and Margarita--Bulgakhov
85. Dubliners--Joyce
86. Silence--Endo
87. Jia: A Novel of North Korea--kim
88. Breakfast of Champions--Vonnegut
89. Rabbit Run--Updike
90. Confederacy of Dunces--Toole
91. Tropic of Cancer--Miller
92. Under the Volcano--Lowry
93. Tess of D’Ubervilles--Hardy
94. Cold Comfort Farm--Gibbons
95. Clockwork Orange--Burgess
96. We Have Always Lived in the Castle--Jackson
97. Rebecca—du Maurier
98. Jude the Obscure--Hardy
99. 84, Charing Cross Road--Hanff
100. Thank you Jeeves--Wodehouse


Merry Monteleone said...

We have a few of the same ones. I love Dumas - didn't include him on my list, but Three Musketeers was great - my favorite by him was The Count of Monte Cristo. And Johnny Tremain and To Kill A Mockingbird are two of my altime favorites - if you had A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on this list it'd be my idea of heaven :-)

Amanda said...

I'm glad to see all the YA and children's lit on here! Those are some of my favorites.

Emily Cross said...

wow we've alot of books in common. great list

Jennie said...

Merry-- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn isn't on the list, because I've actually already read that one! But it is one of my favorites, too.

Amanda--I'm a youth services librarian, so I'm overly aware of my gaps in the 18-and-under cannon.

Thanks Emily!

J.C. Montgomery said...

Great, great list.

And you've got to read To Kill A Mockingbird as soon as you are able. It's story and theme is one that will engross you & touch your heart. At least it did mine. It is my number one all time favorite.

Rebecca :) said...

Great list! I am thinking of making my own. Of course a big percentage of books on my to-read list are classics. I like classics and try to read them as much as possible but still I put them off more than I should. And I am WAY behind on all kinds of 21st century books that everyone else seems to have read. Of course another challenge seems a little much. I am already doing 20! But then, when you're doing 20, what's one more? Perhaps I have a challenge addiction. What do you think that's called?