Friday, August 21, 2009

The Book Blogger Award Nomination.

YAY!! We got nominated for the Book Blogger Award for Best Challenge!!

Congrats Everyone. Fingers crossed!!

And thank you to the person/people who nominated us!


iasa said...

YAY! Well Done

Linda said...

YAY Emily! Woop-woop! Well-deserved nomination.

I've been quiet (life, ya know) but will be updating here soon. Peace, Linda

moonrat said...


Linda said...

oh that's awesome.

Mya Barrett said...

This is very exciting! You definitely deserve the kudos for getting this all together and keeping it going. And of course to all the wonderful readers who have been so great about posting and keeping the blog lively.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks guys!

Mya - Its not me who got the nomination ;) its us!! So the nomination is for us as a community blog, i just facilitate the wonderfulness that is us :D

Jack said...

Well-deserved nomination. Glad to hear this..keep going

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