Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Any Readers That Want to Write Too?

I'm hosting the JuJu Survivor Biggest Writer Write-a-thon for anyone that would like to join. We have around 20-25 aspiring writers and authors already. The goal is "marathon writing" for June and July.


Linda said...

Thanks. I'm still editing my NaNo stuff from November - I'm churning words, but at a more modest rate of 200-500 per day. Have fun! and Good Luck! Peace, Linda

M. said...

Hmm, that is tempting. I'll probably sign up, but I need to give it a good night's rest to make sure I think it through first.

Emily Cross said...

Purple - a brilliant idea and i would love to join!! but i think for me it will have to ba August and September - stoopid thesis is taking up all my real writing time.