Thursday, June 4, 2009


I finished another book from my list. "Pretties" by Scott Westerfeld. I really like when the author takes you from the ending of one book and right into the the next book. This one does just that. I really hate it when I have to remember where I was on the other books and try to figure out what happened. Hope I am making sense here. Any way you can see my review at my place, Just Books. Hope you all have a great day!!


Jen A said...

I assume you read Uglies before Pretties...what did you think of the books as compared to one another? I thought Uglies was the stronger book, though I still enjoyed Pretties as well.

Amanda said...

I actually enjoyed Pretties more than Uglies, but mostly because I absolutely loved Zane. Both, however, were slightly better than Specials.

Sherrie said...

Jen A - yes I read Uglies first and I really liked it lots. I also think Uglies is much better than Pretties. The Pretties book is full of "pretty stuff". Ugiles is more the meat of the series, although I haven't read Specials yet.

Amanda - Have read Specials yet, but I liked Uglies the best of the two I have read. Actually I liked David from Uglies!