Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Review Sites


I'm sorry i didn't make this clear and apologies to those who requested for logolink. The book review sites are for members of the "fill in the gap" blog only as often in the posts of this blog people link their more comprehensive reviews to their own book review site. Sorry

Again a techno announcement! If you have a book review site, then please leave a comment with the link and a logobadge (you can see the bookbundle one on the side there) - i'd like all logo sizes to be 150x150px so it looks uniform (and is easier for me lol).

If you have a book review site but no logobadge, i can 'try' (and i am no graphics person) to make up a simple one (like the bookbundle one) - just let me know in the comments section.

thank you!

Edit: Please email me at and i'll pass on the html for the moving text links and icon links

Here are the images and their links


Book Lady said...

Hi! I have one but I don't have a badge :(

moonrat said...

woot!! got one of those, too.

Emily Cross said...

Book Lady & MoonRat - How do they look? I try to design them by your background, font and colour scheme

Book Lady said...

Omg that is awesome! Is there a way I could steal that from you? lol THANK YOU!

Emily Cross said...

Book Lady - i'll edit my post to include the code and links to the images

Book Lady said...

You are the absolute bestest! Thank you!

Erastes said...

Speak Its Name
Gay Historical Fiction

Emily Cross said...

Book Lady: I'm really sorry i only copped now that you're not a member of the blog.

Erastes: I apologise too, i wasn't clear in my post.

Its just that there are over 70 members of this blog, many of whom have book review sites of their own and will link posts from here to there when blogging about their 100 books

If you want to join the blog though and post your 100 list etc. feel free to email me and i'll send you an invite.

sorry for misleading you guys!

Amanda said...

Hi Emily, this is such a neat idea. I've mailed you a 150x150 badge for my blog as well as the URL. The message got rejected from the address you gave in this post so I sent it to the hotmail address I have for you. I hope that's okay.